Meet Sophie, my wonderful Jack Russel terrier! 
She loves to run around the backyard, dig, and chew on her toys.  I got Sophie from the Wabash County Animal Shelter in Mt. Carmel, IL on February 23rd, 2010 when I was visiting a friend who had just gotten back from Iraq. 

I had no intention of getting a puppy, but her sweet face and personality won me over at first sight.  Sophie's name was Pink when I got her (for Valentine's Day) and was quickly changed when my dad made an inappropriate joke about the term.  Sophie, meaning wisdom, was a much better fit since I like to focus on names with strong meanings.  She has proven to live up to her name on a consistent basis.  She brings joy to my life every single day and despite the fact that I didn't have her in my plans, God found a way to bring me such a perfect pup!  She has taught me so much about responsibility!

I am always on the hunt for great doggie deals to provide my pup with endless treats and toys!  Check out my Sophie links on the side bar to find the latest doggie deals!  You can keep up to date with Sophie's dog book here.