Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday mega savings

I have to admit that I during the holidays I was not very good with my couponing. Partially because there weren't a lot of deals I was interested in, partially because I was preoccupied with other things. This is a new year and yes I am back on my game. I have to admit that have I have never really gotten good with Kroger. I don't know why, but I can never quite figure out the deals. Since I have 2 Krogers within a mile and a half of my house, I figured I BETTER figure this one out. Kroger has had some INSANELY amazing deals lately so I took about 30 minutes to plan this out and hit the store. I forgot to take a picture when I got home and put everything away so no picture on this one, but get ready for some awesome deals. All these deals run through next Wednesday here in Indy.

4 Kashi Go Lean Cereals-$2.99 each
-(4) $3/1 coupon (2 from Vocalpoint in the mail, 2 from Recyclebank account rewards)
-$4 off total order for buying 4 Kroger deal
=Free +$4 overage

Febreeze Air Effects-$2.79
-$1/1 Kroger eCoupon (loaded to plus card)
-$1/1 coupon from 12/27 P&G insert
-$1 off 4 P&G Kroger promotion
=Free + $.21 overage

2 Dawn plus Olay hand renewal Soap-$2.79
-$.50/1 Kroger eCoupon
-(2) $.50/1 coupon from 12/27 P&G insert (doubles)
-(2)$1 off 4 P&G Kroger promotion
=$.29 each

3 Secret deodorant-$2.29 each
-(3) $.50/1 coupon from 12/27 P&G insert (doubles)
-(3)$1 off 4 P&G Kroger promotion
=$.29 each

Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie packs-marked down to $1.29
-$1/1 wholly Guacamole coupon (no longer available)

10 Horizon Milk Singles-$1.00 each
-(10) $1/1 Horizon coupons
=10 Free

-$.35/1 coupon from 1/2 inserts (doubles)

Hormel All Natural Roast Beef-marked down to $1.99
-$.50/1 coupon (doubles)

ChiChis tortillas-$2.55
-$.50/1 coupon (doubles)

Tyson whole chicken-marked down to $3.29


Hoagies-marked down to $.79

Fresh salad-marked down to $1.49

1/2 gallon of milk-marked down to $.25 (scored the GREATEST DEAL on this! They mismarked milk that someone must have thought said Jan 8 because mine doesn't expire until 1/18!!!!)

Tax $.08

Saved 89% off regular price (not that I would EVER pay regular price for all that!)

I then got the BEST deal EVER on meds at CVS. So much so that I will not have to buy any sort of pain reliever for the next couple years...would be my guess! Back in December there were all kinds of coupons around the blogging world for free Excedrin Extra Strength and Excedrin Migraine. I've gotten 5 of them in the mail so far (used one back in December at Walgreens). Here is the deal:

Excedrin (Buy $20 worth and get $10 ECB)
3 Excedrin Extra Strength-$5.79 (all mine had a bonus 8 pack of Excedrin PM attached at that price)
1 Excedrin Migraine-$4.79
-(3) Free Excedrin Extra Strength
-(1) Free Excedrin Migraine
=Free + $10 ECB

I have 5 bottles for free which is more than enough to suffice for quite sometime around here since I'm not too medicine happy. I am also happy to report that my migraines have all but disappeared with my new classroom (and its MASSIVE window this year). Get yourself out of florescent and into sunlight to become independent from medicine!

Tip from my sister the pharmacist: Check the active ingredients in your meds because both of these have the EXACT same(Extra Strength and Migraine)! Buy the cheapest ones with the same active ingredients and don't get caught up in the label with it :)

I hope you can capitalize on some of these great deals! I'll also be heading to Meijer afterwork tomorrow because I have some great coupons to go with their 10/10 sale that will make about 10-15 items completely free. Can't really beat that!

What great deals have you found this week?

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  1. Awesome deals!! Have you ever looked at She has weekly store deal matchups posted for all most all grocery stores & drugstores. It makes couponing so much easier!