Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is insanity!

I have become truly insane....with Insanity workout that is. So I'm a skeptic by nature, but everyone I've talked to says this workout is for real. Until last week, I wasn't so sure.
I made it through 1 week of Insanity workouts relatively unharmed until yesterday. I have never had soreness like I have from this workout! I played collegiate soccer, tore every tendon in my ankle, and have ripped, bruised, pulled, or dislocated just about anything you can name. I think this tops it all.

I am going to stick with it though...

I miss myself looking like I did in my size 4 prom dress. I miss having the hottest abs this side of Hollywood. I miss having fun shopping. I miss going for a run and not feeling like I am dying. More than any of that, I hate looking at the pictures of myself now and seeing this happy girl inside an overweight body.

So for now my motivation lies in this picture:

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