Friday, October 1, 2010

Challenges worth overcoming

Here we are on the first lovely day of October. Life has been pretty busy here in my little home. I think amongst the hustle and bustle of everything, I've learned a few very valuable lessons. I just wanted to share a few of these with fantastic readers.

1. I'm learning to be very mindful of the impact of my words. I am a sarcastic person by nature so this can sometimes be taken in the wrong context. It is my goal everyday to think faster and speak slower. I've had far too many times where I am being too quick witted instead of reflecting before I talk. My words can be far more powerful than even I am aware.

2. Being positive is key to all things in life. I have been around far too many negative people this year. I am trying to stay positive despite this, but it can sometimes be a very steep uphill battle. When I find myself start to focus on the negatives, I think of how blessed I am to have loving people in my life, a home, and a job I am passionate about.

3. Today I rewarded my students with an incentive since they have recuperated 10 credits in 6 weeks in my alternative program. Only one student said thank you. I know this shouldn't bother me, but they were constantly complaining that they didn't have coke or that the paper plates were too thin or something else. I have to admit that it upset me a lot more than it normally would. I am trying so hard to get them on the right track, but there are days when my frustration gets the best of me. It is at these times that I read a wonderful letter written to me by a student last year. She constantly thanks me for helping her get on the right track and for caring enough to set up boundaries for her. I have to focus on these situations. I know I cannot change every single child that comes into my program. I have to focus on the fact that I am changing a few of them. These are the most challenging students in our school. Most teachers kick these students out on a daily basis. I get them to work. Maybe not the whole entire time they are with me, but they DO what I ASK them to DO. It might be behaviorally or academically, but they are improving. That in itself is a success. Find the baby steps to successes in your life.

What challenges are you currently facing that you have learned life lessons from?

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