Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

So it's been a long time since I shared a Works for Me Wednesday! I've had lots of ideas of posts in my darling little head (as my mother refers to it), but alas we've gone work free for far too long. Today will be short and sweet, but hopefully helpful none the less.

I like things to be clean and decluttered. For those of you who knew me prior to becoming a special education teacher, you might be choking on your drink after reading this. I think it started when I bought my house. For me, part of taking pride in my home is keeping it clean. I shared over the summer my daily cleaning routine. As much as I would love to admit it, I can't stick to it when school going on. I'm just dead on some days and have a ton of energy on others. Here is what I do to maintain my home's cleanliness.
Dance and Clean---I made a 5 song playlist on iTunes and loaded it onto my iPod. I plug it into my iHome and get out the cleaning supplies and go at it. I get as much done as I can during the playlist then I am done. Do this once every day during the week or a few times over the weekend depending on how much you need it. I do this once every other day most weeks and it keeps things in order for the most part. Here is my playlist...adjust as necessary!

All I Want to Do-Sugarland
Bombs Over Baghdad-Outkast
All at Once-The Fray
Breathe-Michelle Branch
Lookin' For A Good Time-Lady Antebellum


  1. Great idea to energize yourself doing a task most wouldn't voluntarily do. I like this a lot. Good work

  2. oh what a great idea! thanks for coming over to my blog, I'm excited to read yours!

  3. back again :) i've tagged you on my blog!