Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Break Shopping

It's fall break which means we all get a much needed break now 9 (long) weeks into the school year. I spent the first day of fall break shopping at the outlet mall in Edinburg, IN with my best friend and godson. It was so much fun! Here are some of the awesome deals I managed to find while at the outlet mall.

3 cardigan sweaters (black, brown, gray) $11.99 each-10% discount from Edinburg coupon book=$10.79 each

1 white wrap cardigan $17.99-10% discount=$16.20

Long sleeve blue strip t-shirt $5.99-10% discount=$5.39

V neck blue sweater $34.99-50% discount-additional 10% discount=$15.74

Gray ballet flat shoes $15-10% discount=$13.50

VF outlet

2 pairs of Lee No gap waist band dress pants- $21 each

1 pair of dark wash Lee wide leg jeans- $21


One pair of platform sandals in brown-$14.88

Yesterday my mom and I hit up Super Target where the deals kept coming! I was fortunate to receive an awesome coupon booklet from Target in the mail. I have no idea why they sent it to me, but it was filled with fantastic produce and food coupons. My normal coupon collection along with some coupons printed from the Target website made for a great trip.

Head of lettuce $1.29-$1 off produce coupon from website=$.29

Bananas (2.18 lbs) $1.04-$1 off fruit coupon from booklet=$.04

French bread $1.49-$1 off bakery coupon from website=$.49

Whole chicken (3.8 lbs) $3.49-$1 off meat coupon from booklet=$2.49

Dannon Activia $1.42-$1 MF coupon=$.42

2 packages of Caesar dog treats $2.99 each- (2) $2 off MF coupon=$.99 each

Chef Michael's wet meal $.75-Get it free Target coupon=Free

Campbell's V8 soup $2.29-$1 off MF coupon=$1.29

Herbal Essence travel size shampoo $.97-$1 MF coupon=Free

2 Merona Sweaters $15 each -(2) $3 off Target web coupon=$12 each

6 Xhiliration panties marked down to $1.98 per pair

Not pictured:

Gallon of skim milk $2.00

Oscar Meier Deli Creations $2-$1 off MF coupon=$1

The best part of the whole fall break has to be that after working all day today refereeing, I have made enough money to pay for all my fall break purchases, my garage door repair last week, and a tall pumpkin spice latte. You sure can't beat it when it isn't even putting a dent on the monthly budget :)

What awesome deals have you found lately?

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