Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deals from this week

As I stated in my first post, I am a self proclaimed penny pincher. This translates into all aspects of my life. So often, I skimp and save for the future. Back in February, I was told that I was being RIFed (reduction in force) for next school year and the panic began. Let me also say that I bought a house in January 2009 and my biggest fear in life is that I will lose my house. While I've never been a huge worrier, this send me into a tizzy. From this point, my super savings plan began. I cut my monthly budget to allow an extra $400 a month to go into savings on top of what I was already saving. The first things to go were dinners out and extras that weren't essentials. I began to take my penny pinching to a whole new level by utilizing coupons and planning my meals. I took my grocery budget down to the bare minimum while also allowing my to eat healthy foods. I have since been offered my job back (WHEEEEEW!!!!) and have continued these tips! They have allowed me to continue to save at a SUPER level. Here are just a few of the deals I got this week at Target.

-Nivea Touch of Sparkle bodywash-$3.99-$4.00 off coupon=FREE

-Nivea for Men body wash-marked down to $3.54 because they were our of Dove for Men body wash-$3.00 off Nivea for Men bodywash=$.54

-Tide Travel size-$.99-$1/1 Tide coupon=FREE

-2 pkgs of BIC grip pens-$.99 each-2 $1/1 BIC product coupon=FREE (These will be great for my classroom since my kids are always taking...I mean borrowing my pens!)

-Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion-$4.79-$1/1 Vaseline Target coupon + $3.75/1 Sheer infusion lotion=$.04 (Plus it came with a 1 oz. sample size lotion too)

-Downy Wrinkle Releaser (travel size)-$1-$1/1 coupon=FREE

-2 Arm and Hammer travel toothpastes-$.99 each-$2.50/2 coupon=FREE + $.52 overage

-2 Benadryl Anti itch sticks-$2.29 each-$4/2 Benadryl coupon=$.29 each

-Frizz Ease Mousse (trial size)-$.97-$2.50/1 John Fredia product=FREE +$1.53 overage

-Dove deoderant (trial size)-$.97-$1/1 Dove coupon=FREE +.03 overage

-Carefree pantiliners-$.97-$1/1 Carefree product coupon=FREE +.03 overage

-Shout Wipes to go-$.97-$.55/1 Shout product coupon=$.42

-Johnson and Johnson First Aid kit-$.97-$.75/1 J&J first aid product=$.22 (This will go into my soccer coaching bag for all those bumps and bruises 11 year olds get)

-Yoplait Yo-plus Strawberry Yogurt-$1.42 on clearance-$1.00/1 Yo-plus coupon=$.42

Total from my trip: $.17+1.73 in tax=$1.90

-Sounding off with my sounds good: We are down to 7 days until summer break and my desk is clean, my grades are finished (except their final), and I still have a job! Sounds good to me!

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