Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marsh trip in review

Today's Marsh trip was a huge deal saver! Check out some of the deals I ended up getting.

I got 4 boxes of Suddenly Salad pasta salad, 3 cups of Yoplait Greek blueberry yogurt, 2 Grands biscuts (5 in each container), and a bag of Green Giant Red potatoes and green beans in rosemary butter sauce for FREE + .60 overage. Check out my previous post to see how I did this.

I ended up spending more than I normally would for groceries because of the one day only meat sale. I won't have to buy chicken again until August which is FANTASTIC!!

Perdue boneless chicken breast was $1.57 lb so I bought 4 packages. This was 18 chicken breasts total. I already had one bag of frozen chicken breasts so pair these two up and I am set for the summer!
I also got boneless pork loin for $1.68 lb. I got a 7 lb package and had it cut into 3/4 inch chops by the butcher. He then packaged them up in twos so I have quick grab chops to marinate and throw on the grill. I ended up with 14 packages so that breaks down to 28 chops! All for about $12! Wonderful!
I ended up buying a few other items I had coupons for that were on sale. I also bought 6 vine ripe tomatoes for sandwiches over the next week. All in all I ended up spending $35.54 for everything. This is only $3.00 more than what my 7 lb pork loin costs at regular price. I saved a total of $75.79 on my order (68%).

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