Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Walmart Deals

Walmart has some awesome deals on things for my little puppy, Sophie. I am in love with these Busy Bones from Purina (which I always seem to have tons of coupons for) because she will go to town on them so I can eat my dinner in peace. Plus I do something that helps me out with saving money TWICE!!! I am a member of On this website, you read emails and shop online to accumulate points to earn gift cards ranging from $10-100 (my favorites are for Panera, Olive Garden, and Starbucks). Well, Mypoints has a whole section run by I receive 10 points for each coupon I print and use in the store, plus 25 bonus points when I use 10 or more coupons per month. I am able to access multiple computers to print these off (although I know everyone isn't so lucky) so I can sometimes print 8-10 of the same coupon to use when things are on sale. A $10 giftcard is about 1,400 points so between my 3 mypoints accounts I've been earning $30-50 a month in giftcards to spend at places I love! Not only does this let me reward myself on a tiny budget, but it gives me more money to save for my future plans (ie: a car that has a working radio and a driver side door that unlocks)

Enjoy checking out some deals I scored at Walmart yesterday. -Purina Busy Bones (4 pack)-$2.88-$2/1 coupon from Mypoints account=$.88 for 4! This means that for $.22 I can eat on my couch without my dog trying to steal my dinner! Well worth it!!!
-Cesar Prime Rib Treats-$2.98 on rollback-$1/1 Prime rib treat coupon + $1/1 coupon on the package=$.98 for 75 treats!
Not all places will let you use both, but the wonderful cashier pulled it off the package and scanned it "since I might as well use all the coupons I can." My dog will be thanking you when she gets the fancy treats this month!
-Dentastix (7 count for large dogs)-$2.98-$2/1 coupon from my mom (THANKS!)=$.98
I've tried the small dog ones before, but you get more bang for your buck with the large package. I do cut them in half with a kitchen knife. You don't have to go through all that effort, but I get 14 of the same size for the price of 10.
-2 packages of BIC Crystal pens (10 count)-$1-2 $1/1 BIC product coupons=FREE +this gave me 20 points toward a gift card and put me over my 10 coupon limit for the month on one account! 45 points toward a gift card and free pens?!?! YES PLEASE
-Off Smooth and Dry bug spray-$2.97 in the trial size isle-$1/1 Mypoints coupon=$1.97
This stuff is normally fairly expensive and I desperately needed some for my coaching bag after getting eaten alive in Carmel this past weekend. I'm sure I could find this on a better deal when paired with a sale, but for now it works!

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