Friday, May 21, 2010

If you have a Marsh close CAN'T miss this!

I wanted to share some awesome deals that are at Marsh this week. Tomorrow is their Saturday only meat sale that they have every month or so. They also have some pretty awesome deals this week when you pair them with coupons that you can print out online. Here are just a few of the deals I am going after tomorrow.
-Perdue Boneless Chicken Breast on sale for $1.57 a lb. Limit 6 packages.
(One awesome tip for this is to get packages that will still be good without being frozen until your next trash day. I then deal with all the chicken a day or so before the trash comes. I put each piece of chicken in between 2 pieces of plastic wrap and pound it out so it is the same thickness. Then I package them individually. Yes it takes time now, but it saves me time when I need to cook something quickly. That way you don't have to worry about a frozen center when the outside is already browned.)
-Whole Center Cut Boneless Pork Loin-$1.69 lb
(Another trick for all of you who can't eat a 7-9 lb pork can get this sliced into boneless chops that are great on the grill for FREE at Marsh. The boneless pork chops normally cost somewhere between $3-4 a lb so this is a GREAT deal saver. I like the 3/4 inch thick ones that I can marinate.)

These deals are available until Wednesday at all central Indiana Marsh stores.

-Vine ripe tomatoes-$.99 lb
(Marsh claims to only buy local farm grown produce...which is why I suppose it costs sooooo much, but I figure this is another effort to be green. Less gas to get here=greener)

-Starbucks Pint Ice cream-$6/2- $1/2 coupon from$2.50 each
(It's not the cheapest ice cream, but it does taste exactly like the favorite is java chip frap. It's cheaper than getting a cup of joe from the shop that's for sure)

-Buy 10 participating General Mills items and get $5 off instantly at checkout!
-Yoplait Greek Yogurt-$.99 each (3)
-Suddenly Salad-$.99 each (4)
-Grands Biscuts-$.99 each (2)
-Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers-$1.49 each (1)

This will cost me $10.40 before tax-$5.00 instant cash back at checkout=$5.40

So here is how I have it worked out:
-Yoplait Greek Yogurt -$.30/1 coupon from off 3)
-Suddenly Salad- $.40/1 coupon from (print off 4)
-Grands Biscuts-$.30/2 coupon from (print off 1) *You will have to join the site
-Green Giant-$.50/1 coupon from (print off 1)

Yoplait-coupons will double $.60 x 3=$1.20
Suddenly Salad coupons will double $.80 x 4= $3.20
Grands coupon will double-$.60 x 1=$.60
Green Giant coupon will double-$1 x 1=$1.00

Total coupon savings=$6.00
If you noticed that I was only going to spend $5.40 after the instant $5 at the checkout you will also notice that I am getting ALL this for FREE + .60 overage. So not only am I getting 10 name brand General Mills items for FREE I am also essentially getting paid $.60 to buy all of it. This $.60 can go to pay for my other purchases.

Yes it takes time, but imagine how many meals I am going to get out of spending the time to plan this all out! The yogurt makes a great afterschool snack (and it has 2x the protein of other yogurts so it keeps me full longer). The Grands will go great with the Tennessee Pride sausage gravy I got on sale a few weeks ago for some good ole biscuts and gravy on Sunday morning. The veggies are a healthy low sodium way to have veggies if you can't get them fresh. And the pasta salad will go great with burgers or chicken on the grill! Plus I'll enjoy this wonderful summer food on my new back patio!

So I am putting out a CHALLENGE to all of my blog readers (I know you're out there even if you haven't told me...415 views since starting on Wednesday! YES!!!!)
-Try to get one of your favorite summer eats on a great deal by searching your grocery ads or using coupons and share in the comments section! You might inspire someone to else to finally go back after those Dreamsicles or Bombpops after all these years!

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