Tuesday, November 9, 2010

7 Tips for a Harmonious Holiday: Guest bathroom

Today's edition is getting the guest bathroom ready for guests for the holidays! Bathrooms (I find) are the rooms that should be easy, but always seem to take forever! Here are some tips to have your bathroom company ready in about 30 minutes.

-Give it a scrub

Put on those rubber gloves and get to cleaning. Make sure you get the sinks, mirror, shower/tub, and toilet really well. Use the toilet wand to clean the underside of the seat and the whole bowl area. Make sure you also wipe down baseboards, cabinets, counter tops, and behind the toilet. Empty the trash and double line it (put 1 trash bag inside of another one) so you can take it out quickly.

-Stock up

Make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, soap, and paper towels (if you use them) for guests to use. New rolls/bottles of each will probably save you time and effort later. Use the half full stuff just for you later on.

-Add a touch of flare

Dress things up with some decorative, but useful hand towels. Dollar stores are a great place to find these. Put your best towels out if you have a towel rack in your bathroom for decoration only. Crisp white towels are always classic and clean looking although I prefer patterned ones. Now is also the time to add holiday accents. Consider adding some holiday scents (candles or potpourri), a garland on the vanity behind the sink, and holiday soaps in a clear dish.

-Individually packaged

If you know you're having 4 guests, why not make individual packages for them to save you time and effort to find things later on. Consider putting one full set of towels (bath, hand, washcloth) for each person, along with some of the gender specific samples (mentioned in the first post). Package them all up by tying the towels up with festive ribbon. Then fold the washcloth into a triangle then fold into a smaller triangle. You can then use it as a pouch to slide the samples into and slip under the ribbon. Label with some name tags to personalize. Check out one of mine below :)

How do you get the bathroom ready for the holidays?

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