Thursday, November 4, 2010

Proverbs 15:22: Budgets!

I am so excited to be linking up with Leigh Anne at The Newlywed Swarbricks for her new Proverbs 15:22 link up! The subject is budgets. I have this nifty little sheet that I use and I absolutely love it because it automatically figured everything for me. Here is the link for you to download it yourself.

I have to admit that I was never a budget girl before, but seeing as I am a teacher on a limited budget, I've become one as a result of necessity. Many a time, I've forgotten to pay a bill here or there. This even resulted in a rather embarrassing moment where my water was turned off while a friend was over for Final 4 basketball games! My way around this...automatic bill pay.

Every fixed monthly expense I have comes directly out of my account every month on a specific date. The only variables then become food, gas, entertainment, and other miscellaneous costs. I have a set cost of $200 a month that covers these 4 areas. If there is an emergency, I have a specific fund for that to be pulled out of so those situations, like my garage door breaking last week, are already accounted for. This helps me stick to my budget so much better because I know how much I can spend for my variable costs since I've already accounted for all of my fixed costs.

I know for some people this might not work because there may not be enough money at different points throughout the month to cover costs, but for me, this is the only way.

Here is your turn to chime in on all things budget related! Comment away and be sure to link up with The Newlywed Swarbricks for Proverbs 15:22: Seeking the counsel of the wise!!!

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  1. Thanks for linking up!! I'm excited to look into that document for budgets :) hope you have a great evening!